Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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With the noble aim of serving to the mankind, Vasu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has come up with an extensive range of pure and standardized Herbal extracts, under the brand name ‘Safe Herbs’.
All extracts that are supplied by us are made only from the best quality raw material, handpicked by expert herbalist. Using modern techniques and equipments, they are prepared under the supervision of highly experienced pharmacists, thus ensuring strict quality standards.

Our Aim

• Make people aware about this natural way to enjoy complete health, where the ideal of complete health comprises physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
• To help people maintain normal health a natural way.
• To provide quality Ayurvedic herbal supplements at an affordable cost.

Our stand for Quality

• All herbal raw materials are sorted out as per our stringent quality standards for maturity, purity and potency.
• Every step of the manufacturing process is controlled by continuous quality checking.
• The final preparation is sealed in an air-tight three-layer package, which provides complete protection and helps preserve its optimum medicinal effect for a long time.
No shortcuts. No compromises.
Vasu Healthcare believes in supplying high quality standards of extract that are prepared using authentic sources of raw material. The meticulous processing and our state-of-the-art analysis facilities ensure very pure, safe and effective herbal preparations for the maximum efficacy and benefits.

Stringent testing

Our ranges of extracts are standardized for active constituents present in them. This helps in devising the exact quantity to be used in relation the crude drug. Every batch of finished product undergoes a series of quality control tests. These tests include examination for overall purity, microbial load and other possible contamination.


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