Friday, June 4, 2010

Natural methods to treat an enlarged prostate -

Prostate enlargement is very common in men above 50 years of age not only in India but globally. While prostate enlargement is perceived as not so serious condition, the symptoms are quite troublesome. In moderate to severe cases even surgical treatment is suggested.
Vasu Healthcare, a leading manufacturer of research based herbal products has invented "Ural-BPH", a safe, effective and economical herbal product. In clinical research done at Nair Hospital and Sion Hospital at Mumbai, the product was reported to give significant improvement to the patients of BPH.
Ural-BPH is available in the packs of 30's & 150's and is available at leading medical stores across India. Also you can purchase Ural-BPH online from


adam smith said...


URAL BPH is better for prostate health. This herbal medicine is a natural, safe and an effective way to cure the signs & symptoms of BPH. Thank you...

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